Top 10 Karaoke Song

10 Song You Might Not Miss From Karaoke Survey Results


After the Political Movie Award now come 2008 Karaoke Survey Results, here are:

Top Ten songs were selected for the final


No. 1 song: Mahathir’s My Way


No.2 song: Pak Lah’s Dream, Dream, Dream


No.3 song: Najib’s Your Cheating Heart


No. 4 song: IGP’s I’ll Be Watching You


No. 5 song: Anwar’s Wind of Change


No. 6 song: Saiful’s I Swear


No. 7 song: Syed Hamid’s What a Kind of Fool I’m


No. 8 song: Teresa Kok’s The Dilemma of a Loud Speaker (duet with Khir Toyo)

No. 9 song: Murugiah’s Investigating Dog’s Poor Food (from a New Album just released)


No. 10 song: Rezeki dengan seorang Perempuan Cina (singer is a doctor turned politician)


And the winner is: Syed Hamid’s What a Kind of Fool I’m


NOTE: Two songs were disqualified as it could posed a threat to national security: “Why ISA” and “The Passion of Making Police Reports”.



  1. Top songs chart again! these might be pop songs of the year. Is this result in numerical order?

  2. 内政部长拿督斯里赛哈密也表示, 慕尤丁蠢蠢欲动, 阿末依斯迈寄居马华, 安华可以死硬插, 硬硬插, 硬硬插….


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