不说你不知,我也不晓得啊…. 阿布卡欣,好样的?!


根据《Ethisphere》报导,阿布卡欣获选为全球第4位最有商业道德的领袖(Most Influential People In Business Ethics)。


直至3月6日(周日)阅读《马来西亚前锋报星期刊》(Mingguan Malaysia)后,才进一步了解所为何事。


Abu Kassim yang baru-baru ini disenaraikan sebagai individu keempat paling berpengaruh oleh portal berita Ethisphere hasil sumbangan beliau memerangi amalan rasuah menjelaskan tentang ketelusan SPRM dan kepercayaan pihak luar negara terhadap agensi itu.

“Yang saya takut kalau masyarakat tak bercakap tentang rasuah lagi. Ia menjadi kayu pengukur bahawa amalan rasuah itu sudah jadi perkara biasa,” tegas Abu Kassim kepada wartawan Mingguan Malaysia KU SEMAN KU HUSSAIN, SUFFIAN ABU BAKAR dan jurugambar NORADZRENE MOHD. NOR apabila ditanya masyarakat kini banyak bercakap tentang rasuah.’’


4. Abu Kassim Mohamed – Chief, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Comission

 Category: Government and Regulatory

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has been leading the way in Southeast Asia around Anti-Corruption efforts. Mohamed has been instrumental in creating the country’s program.


“Ethisphere is an influential beacon for both good companies, aspirants and laggards alike. Ethisphere uniquely recognizes that even companies with less than perfect historical corporate citizenship operating records need to have their successes celebrated along the way if they decide to conscientiously improve their ethics, compliance and community practices.

Anything else would simply build those companies’ resistance to productive engagement with third parties. It’s this sort of pragmatic approach that actually delivers Ethisphere’s power to influence, and help make and retain these companies as productive members of the corporate citizenship community.”


2010’s 100 Most Influential People In Business Ethics
January 31, 2011

The following list of 100 individuals represents those that had significant impact in the realm of business ethics over the course of the year. Although many listed here are deserving of a lifetime achievement award, this list recognizes those that have made a significant impact specifically during 2010.

These individuals represent eight distinct categories; Government and Regulatory; Business Leadership; Non-Government Organization (NGO); Design and Sustainability; Media and Whistleblowers; Thought Leadership; Corporate Culture; Investment and Research; and Philanthropy.

Some are world famous and some are unknown, but from designing sustainable packaging to recovering billions of dollars from ponzi schemes, the following 100 individuals have impacted the world of business ethics in ways that will continue to resonate for many years.



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